Growth Finders Asia works with motivated high growth organizations as a trusted partner in business growth. Our 60 years combined business experience shows that a blend of clear-cut strategic business planning, a keen awareness of market opportunities and how to go-to-market, strong sales, business development & marketing skills and a collaborative mindset, makes success a certainty.

The founders of Growth Finders Asia have successfully managed large sales operations for multinationals across regions. We are, therefore, highly focused on maximizing your potential for revenue and profits by identifying right target markets and customers. We help you deliver unmatched value through highly efficient go-to-market sales methodologies.
We help you achieve focus and total alignment of corporate, marketing and sales objectives. Our solutions invariably create sales and profit growth thanks to this process of achieving focus and internal alignment.

Sales & Customer Relationship Management Consultancy

When it comes to implementing high-octane sales and marketing campaigns, one simply cannot undermine the importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology. Choosing the CRM is the first strategic step that will determine the success of your program. We ensure that your CRM initiative is successful by implementing a sound CRM strategy specifically designed for your business objectives.

We help you at any stage of your CRM implementation cycle – whether implementing your first ever CRM installation or switching to an advanced system. Our experienced CRM consultants provide the necessary hand-holding and know how that you may need from time to time..

We help you derive unimaginable value from CRM systems that you may not have even considered possible, thanks to our experience of implementing CRM solutions across industry verticals.

Pragmatic solutions for your business growth

We work closely with you to grow your business based on this philosophy in order to chart a path towards rewarding and consistent growth.
We are known to disregard marketing and technology jargon and instead build a clearer understanding of branding, sales and marketing concepts in the context of emerging digital media.
We would love to work with you and assess business opportunities available to you from a dispassionate and logical position. We are capable of carrying out a due diligence on your market offering and perform a sales, business development &marketing health check.Once we are through with the diagnostics we will be delighted to support you with a sound scrutiny of this information. This will result in developing together with you your Business Growth plan.

We help you understand your inherent competitive advantages and areas for improvement by:

  • Conducting in-depth diagnostics using a range of tools
  • Arranging digital marketing review meetings
  • Providing detailed and insightful reports and business plans

Strategic goal setting

Our sales, business development and marketing management experience gained across geographic boundaries helps us to work with you in the area of strategy formulation in order to achieve quantum business growth.

We focus on three important areas:

  • Market analysis – what is the place of your business in the market today
  • Strategic Goals – how would you like to position your business, what quantitative and qualitative objectives you need to achieve
  • Strategic Planning – how can you get at the desired destination?
  • Implementation – staying with you all the way and making the plans work, come what may